Sunday, July 5, 2009

Compilation of Clips from Yesterday's Rally

Update: Some quick notes before heading to the Airport for today's rally:

Honduran officials are saying that they will not allow the plane carrying Manuel Zelaya to land at the international airport. He is scheduled to arrive between 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM today.

A curfew is in effect until this coming Wednesday, from 2200 - 0500. The curfew may be extended depending on the reception of Zelaya today. Shops, restaurants, and bars are closing early because of the curfew, but the Hondurans are carrying on with their daily routine when they are not protesting. The nearby mall is full of youths and adults, all spending money and with no worry for an economic crisis. Consumer goods prices are remaining stable, including gasoline prices.

Access to governmental buildings is somewhat restricted from what I've been told. It appears that anyone wishing to enter is questioned and profiled before being allowed to enter the buildings. The Marines working at the Embassy are not allowed to leave the premise for an undisclosed time frame, all dependent on how things play out here in Honduras.

The school system has been closed in Tegucigalpa, and I am not sure if it is the same throughout the country. The school's faculty have taken to the streets and demonstrating in the rallies, supposedly all in support of Mel Zelaya. After talking with many parents, they are frustrated by the fact that their children are not in school learning. They wish that the teachers will return to work, and educate the future of Honduras.

National and some international media (what appears to be mainly Latin American) is on ground reporting on the demonstrations. El Honduras is still in print covering the rallies. It is rumored that CNN en Español was off the air while the military removed Mel Zelaya from his house, but I have caught CNN on the air since then.

I tried uploading the second half to the first video, but it was taking too long to upload. I will try and get it up tonight. Many thanks to the following bloggers who have helped spread the word and linked to this site:

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