Sunday, July 5, 2009

Manipulation by the Media

I was texting and calling my father while at the protest today, and I gave him an update to post on the blog:
He did see an older man in a white shirt reach down into the blood pool and cover his hands. He then wiped them on his shirt to make it look like his blood or that he had been involved. Hunter saw what he thought was an AP photographer take the man's picture. Hunter said if you see it on the web, don't believe it. It was faked.
L. Douglas Garret found the picture ran by Reuters and Legal Insurrection has already posted on this topic. The elderly gentleman reached down and wiped the blood on his shirt on his own accord, Reuters just happened to capitalize on his actions.


  1. @Hunter Smith

    Thank you kindly for the hat tip. Couldn't have known to look for it without your notice.

    Be safe down there.

  2. Pushing around the net for you. Nice work! Stay safe.

  3. I see CSI: Bloggerville is at it again. What do you mean when you say this is "faked"? The caption doesn't say his shirt is bloody due to wounds. Seems to me the protester was using the blood on his shirt to make a point. That's all.

    Wouldn't it be more productive to focus on the political turmoil there instead of trying to play gotcha with the press?

  4. Mr Smith goes to Tegucigalpa, eh?
    Hey Hunter, Thanks for your heart man. I am over in Western Honduras and have lived here 12 years or so. I HATE what guys like Will Weissert of the AP are able to lie about and get away with...nice to see somebody get a come-uppance for a change. We have been watching this burro zelaya and the thugs Chavez, the Castro Brothers, and the daughter raper Ortega for way too long! I support the de facto government of Micheletti, and hope that someone somewhere will start listening to the good guys a little, that we can start some dialog (how can you dialog when Insulza says he won't even talk to the government?) and we can get outta this crazy mess!

    Charlie in SRC

  5. I hope that you will be able to talk to more of the protesters. I have lived here for 8 years and am completely unable to think of a reason why anyone would want Mel Zelaya to return. He has done nothing except to damage our country and steal or waste the money that should have been used to help the poor.

    I don't know how much you know of Hugo Chavez's involvement in this. It is rumored that he is spending US $6 million to destabilize our country. It was widely reported that Mel paid L.500 for attendees to his meetings and then, in true Mel fashion, sometimes he even cheated them and didn't pay -- they would complain to reporters.

    Honduras is a peaceful country. I think that outside influences have resulted in all this violence. I've seen the videos on the news of the protesters throwing rocks at soldiers and taunting them. Its almost as if they are trying to make something worse happen. It finally did today.

    Honduras has been an extremely unjust and corrupt country. I see the removal of Mel as the first step in empowering the people and hopefully putting the fear of God in the other corruptos. I sense a feeling of empowerment among the peaceful group. This will be the turning point for Honduras. I'm praying it is a turning point for peace and democracy, not a turning point for Chavez-style repression.

  6. Looks like the tear gas story from the protestor may be true. Yahoo/Reuters, is reporting the same thing. With a picture of the man, but this time with less blood for some reason.

    Yahoo news. Honduran president ousted. Pic 37 of 154

  7. Huh? Faked? There is no claim that the blood is his, plus he obviously is not hurt. You are just manufacturing some sort of issue to try to take attention away from the fact that the illegal coup-mongers have now resorted to killing people. Of course the protestors deserved it since the Micheletti government only knows how to follow the law! LMAO! If you want to discuss fakes, how about the "resignation letter" they used to make the Congress install Micheletti as President

  8. I guess if the man had displayed a victim's severed head, the photo would also count as "faked" because the head was not his own? I'm just trying to understand how you people think.

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  10. Your man made it on CNN also, claiming he was helping a child who was shot but the child died in his arms. He did not put blood on his shirt to make a statement as prior posters supposed. Faked hero to get on t.v. There is a special place in hell for this kind of liar.

    Link to the video:

    If the link does not work, search CNN videos for "Zelaya Landing Blocked" video that is 2:48. He is at the 0:49 mark.

  11. I hope you can talk to those people on the street who are in support of Mel and let them tell you why they want him out. I have lived in Honduras for 12 years and by far this has been the worse President they have ever had. Teachers not getting paid, projects not being completed and money disappearing, the laws of the country being disobeyed by a man who feels he is above it all, drugs are coming into the country more than ever, crime is up and there seems to be no one to enforce the laws, and on and on it goes.
    Mr. Zelaya is out there preaching garbage and all of it is centered around what will be good for him, not the people. He has robbed them, made them suffer, threatened them and now he wants them to believe that he cares about them!
    I just wish more of the press could understand and see the full picture and start retracting the "coup" theory...but that will never be done.
    I am saddened that President Obama has evidentially been so poorly advised that he actually thinks it is better that Mr. Zelaya is returned to his office!
    Keep up the good work and I hope that your reporting can bring more facts to light to show the people that Hondurans want democracy!
    Mrs. T.M. Jones

  12. Well somebody should tell the CNN correspondent (Michael Pinhal, I think) to stop saying the poor support Zelaya's return. Making it look like the rich and powerful are behind the "coup."