Thursday, July 2, 2009

Preparations for Tegucigalpa

Preparations for this investigation began yesterday afternoon. Inspired by the lack of legitimate coverage and the immediate condemnation of Honduras' actions by our Administration, I bought a camera and plane ticket to see what is really happening in Tegucigalpa.

I have my preconceptions about the transfer of power that occurred Sunday in Honduras. The media was quick to label this as a "military coup" but they played down the fact that the Honduran Congress voted to impeach Manuel Zelaya with a unanimous vote. His impeachment was a result of his pushing for illegal Constitutional changes that would allow him to remain in office beyond the one term limit. After Zelaya's removal, Roberto Micheletti, who belongs to the same political party as the former leader, was sworn in as interim President. Facing criticism, rebukes, condemnations, financial aide withholding, and minimal fair coverage in the media, this tiny Democratic Nation is standing by it's democratic process.

I will be in Honduras from July 3rd through July 17th. Once I arrive in Tegucigalpa I will find a place to base my operations and then I will begin developing contacts and covering what is truly happening. As I said before, I have my preconceptions as to whether Honduras is in the right and if they have in fact been abandoned by their fellow democratic nations. Though I cannot eradicate my own preconceptions, I want to see if my bias matches what I experience while in country. Above all else I want to post about what I encounter.

I am flying out as soon as possible that way I can be ready to start reporting on the day to day situation in Honduras, especially with the supposed return of Zelaya and the response of the Honduran government that he will be arrested once he returns. More updates will be coming soon.

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  1. I believe you will learn something by actually being down there.
    Good Job.