Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Curfew Back in Effect, and Other Developments

The Interim Government has reinstated the curfew beginning at 12:00 AM Thursday morning til 5:00 AM, out of fear of threats of violence.

Interim President Micheletti has offered to step down from the Presidency if it would bring peace to the country.

Labor leaders are planning strikes at State-held companies later this week.

H/T Rusty


  1. Hunter see if you can hook up with a photographer named Mauricio Caceres from El Diario Del Hoy. He is assigned over there now. He should be able to hook you up somehow with mascara antilagrimas if the @#$% hits the fan. No joke y suerte.

  2. These people are also involved in drug trafficking. UNOAmerica is a stinky organization.

    I wouldn't go for Chávez supporters, but certainly not for the other extreme either. scary.