Sunday, July 5, 2009

Update # 6 - PICS Blood in the streets


  1. Blood but no body or bodies - that's an old propaganda trick. I appreciate your attempts to get at the truth of what is going on in Honduras. I hope you stay safe.

  2. There was a 42 year old woman who died today. It is the first death due to the political turmoil. Shots were fired, along with tear gas, supposedly over the heads of the mob, after protesters broke through fencing at the edge of the airport in an attempt to take over the airport. It is very sad and all hondurans, both sides, regret that it happened. Honduran Roman Catholic Cardenal Rodriguez had asked zeliar to stay away, he didn't's the result.

    Charlie in Honduras

  3. Whoa, careful of your balanced coverage there Hunter, you might make some of your readers a little upset. This post looks like Zelaya supporter wanting Zelaya back, even a Patriotic Catracho with the flag in tears.
    Are these Communist supporters that the right are so against?
    Or did they vote for Zelaya in democratic Elections almost 4 yrs ago and have seen their elected president Robbed from right under them by a civil coup suing the pupper Army to kill them in the streets?
    I am glad you are there, because you will learn.
    I hope you speak Spanish too. Do not post anything through second hand accounts please.

  4. ah ya forgot your closeup.