Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Did Chavez have an influence on Sunday's violence?

Ferdsblog has a new post up on El Heraldo's story "Chavez planned a slaughter in Honduras".

While events were unfolding at the airport, Telesur was broadcasting live from Chavez's office. There are military messages on the white board that seem to indicate Chavez had an influence on Sunday's violence.

I do not have time to provide my own translation of this article because I am heading to a meeting, but Google or Yahoo's translator program can provide a rough translation.


  1. Here you are: Part 1

    Chavez planned a slaughter in Honduras
    The goal, on Sunday July 5, was to cause a massacre and create martyrs.

    (News agency) AFP captured the moment when Hugo Chávez, from his office, coordinated the military operation that took Manuel Zelaya Rosales to Honduras, in a flagrant violation of Honduran airspace.

    However, rather than seeing a former military coup leader pointing to his Panasonic TV and applauding the "feat" Zelaya Rosales, which was transmitted live by the Telesur network, to the experts in political and security issues what caught their attention was the message written on the whiteboard that could be a clear demonstration that the goal was to cause a slaughter in the event.

    Almost in line with the intentions revealed in the writing on the whiteboard, Zelaya Rosales requested through satellite communication from the aircraft that people invade the landing strip and remove the obstacles that the military had placed.

    The people attempted to break through; however, the action was suppressed by military and police forces that, according to the commissioner of Human Rights, used a volley of rubber bullets.

    The text message on the whiteboard of Chavez says: 051345JUL09 A swarm of African bees, Presidential Podium, wounded by bites and desperation of the people.

    Mario Berrios, a lawyer and analyst on political and security issues, says that this is a message written in military language.

    The writing 051345JUL09 according to Berríos is what in military doctrine is called group-date-time.

    This message reveals the day (05), month (July), year (2009) and time (1:45 in the afternoon), which was precisely the time that the demonstration was pushing into the policemen in the vicinity Camosa, feeling that the security rings were inadequate to retain them and prevent their approach into the airport Toncontín.

  2. Part 2:

    A swarm of African bees refers to the “popular force” that in some countries has been able to turn over a government.

    In the case of the rally on Sunday outside the airport, Berríos informed that the demonstrators came from across the country and “fortunately it was not so large as to turn over the government and achieving an overwhelming of the armed forces and police."

    “Presidential Podium” means that in that place would be a direct summons (call) for Zelaya, declaring him once again installed in the power of the nation.

    The phrase "wounded by bites", according Berríos, could be the most troubling part of the message and of Chavez’s operation, which denotes that the objective was to induce a violent response from the military and police forces, or from within the demonstrators to cause injuries and to shoot at point blank range in the desire to seek "new martyrs".

    It should be noted that a day earlier, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez recalled that it was not advisable for Zelaya to return and warned that to date in the country there has not been even one single death because of the political crisis.

    “Desperation of the people” could mean that the final strategy was to provoke a state of chaos and un-governability to the rising deaths and injuries.

    Against these pretensions, the government decided to advance the curfew to 6:30 pm, forcing people to stay in their homes.

    "The entire Chavez operation was a military aggression disguised as civilian action, it is obvious that moving to this area, Zelaya Rosales was well advised, therefore there is no doubt that who led all this military activity has been Chavez, and some military strategies that had to be worth the political factor, the activity of the Armed Forces, control, power, capacity, but also the psychological factor of the population, the “popular force” and the ability to steamroll the Armed Forces" he explained.

    Investigations conducted by the corps of investigators point to people mixed into the protestors, this because the military and police used rubber bullets, the bullet shells that the demonstrators had could not have come from the runway and land adjacent to the street.

    Also investigated was the manner in which the shot entered the 19 year old boy's head and the probable distance at which he was from the shooter.

    * The number: 1 person was killed on Sunday, July 5, 2009. This is a young man of 19 years from Olancho. The demonstrators showed bullet shells, but could not explain how they got them.

  3. You guys showed real guts and restraint against the oligarchs trying to take over your country. Well done blocking the airport and keeping out the Chavistas - Kirchner and the head of OAS and the would-be dictator Mel.

  4. dude, id like to invite you for dinner..or lunch.. let me know. just to show some appreciation of your efforts and commintment. 99235878 Robert

  5. It is suspected that many of the protesters, especially the violent ones are from Nicaragua and Venezuela. It would be very interesting if you could find out anything about that.

    I live in Honduras and I'm writing about this, too. I've been following this for months and the whole thing makes no sense at all, since there was virtually no interest in the cuarta urna up until Saturday, June 27. There were many more complaints about the amount of money being wasted on publicity. Oddly, now some of those who were complaining are now Zelaya followers. Perhaps some of the money passed their way?

  6. pfft. Chavez influencing Hondurans during the manfestacion is Like Chavez influencing Salvadorans and the umpteen manifestaciones they have done since 1992. Oh and you all probably think he influenced the elections in March. Double pfft.
    Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, the posterboy target.
    Cry me a river, Chavez has only been in power since 97, and you all think that the C.A. social struggles of the 70s 80s and 90s have to do with him. Nobody gave a rip about Chavez until yellow journalism started stoking the fire on him after 911. Keep stoking the fire. It won't make a difference since the political tide has already turned down south since Bushito had been ignoring the wave by being caught up in the mideast.

  7. Chavez is behind Mel, any blind man can see that. If he wasn't there wouldn't be a so called poll with ballots printed in Venezuela, or Mel arriving on a Venezuelan airplane. Chavez like in Equador and Bolivia, has used his money to buy governments to fall into his socialist regime. The events taking place in Honduras are very similar of those in those 2 countries. Except in Honduras we love democracy and have never fallen prey to communism.

  8. Rusty hit all the talking points. Whatever. The Zelayistas are all carrying signs with communist icons - Che, Obama, Chavez. If you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

  9. found your blog on a family members page and my family has been following since. Thanks for keeping
    us informed. God's protection on you as you give us
    the truth up close and personal. Thanks

  10. Hunter, Chávez admitted on tape last Sunday he was in contact with the violent protesters who attacked the airport.

    There is no need to speculate. I have a link to the Chávez recording here.

  11. Hunter, thanks for telling the truth about what is happening in Honduras.